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    If you get a ticket for parking in a private car park, don’t pay it straight away. These tickets/fines, as the parking firms like to call them are merely invoicing for use of their land.

    The main firms who are guilty of this include: ParkingEye, NCP, Britannia Parking Group and Euro Car Parks. However, a few more such as Smart Parking are also joining the cash cow.

    Private parking companies have no “Official” right to fine you, though they contact you as though they do, even threatening a court case they may have won in the past.

    It’s always worth contacting the company who allow the parking firms to look after their parking, I myself recently got a ticket at the Book Cafe in Belper, I even put my registration number in. I went into the cafe when I received the ticket from Parking Eye, proved that I had eaten that day, and the lady cancelled it off for me.

    There is a great article on Martin Lewis’s website, click the link for details. Fight Unfair Private Parking Tickets

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